European Chess Solving Championship
12th—14th May 2017, Riga, Latvia

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European Championship for Solving Chess
Director: Luc Palmans (Belgium)

From the WFCC rules:

2.3. The WCSC (ECSC) is an official team World (European) championship if teams of at least 7 countries participate. It is an official individual World (European) championship if at least 30 solvers from at least 10 countries participate. For juniors (up to 23 years in the year of event), women and seniors (from 60 years in the year of event) required numbers are 10 solvers from 7 different countries.

4.1. The teams consist of three (four at ECSC) solvers and the team-leader who may be one of the solvers. Teams consisting of only two (two or three at ECSC) solvers are also permitted. The members of the teams simultaneously compete in the individual championship.

4.2. All countries are entitled to enter one team, the organising country two teams. A country participating with a team(s) is allowed to nominate one further solver for the individual championship.

4.3. A country may nominate two more solvers from extra categories (juniors, women, seniors) out of this quota. For the junior’s / women’s / senior’s championship juniors / women / seniors from the regular national quota compete as well.

4.4. A country not participating with a team may send one (one or two at ECSC) solver(s) for the individual championship.

Open Solving tournament

Director: Vidmantas Satkus (Lithuania)

The rules of Open Solving 2017.

Solving Show

Director: Vidmantas Satkus (Lithuania)

The rules in English and Russian.

Baltic Combined

Director: Iļja Ketris (Latvia)

This is a new competition that we introduce in Riga.

The submission is now open!

Baltic Combined announcement

Informal tourneys